Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Fuddruckers World's Greatest Hamburgers

Restaurants in the SmokiesWhen a company focuses on one item like hamburgers, and they pay attention to all of the details from the ingredients through the preparation and serving, then you expect that hamburger to be great, and that's what Fuddruckers offers to everyone who walks in their door - the world's greatest hamburger. But wait, there's more!

Yes you can get a 100% USDA, All-American, premium-cut, all beef hamburger in several sizes, on a fresh baked bun, and with topping like the cheeses of your choice, bacon, sauteed mushrooms or grilled onions. Then you can dress your burger from the market fresh produce bar with tasty vegetables, salsas and the very complete condiment bar - you are only limited by your imagination!

Ice cream, shakes and cookies near Pigeon ForgePair that masterpiece of a burger with sides like wedge-cut fries or onion ring, pour yourself a cold soda or tea, then sit down and enjoy your own greatest hamburger! But wait, there's more! What about accompanying that burger meal with a homemade milkshake, cool and creamy, ummm, ummm, ummm! And then topping off the meal with homemade cookies, brownies or rice crispy treats? Is there any question?

Dining in the Great Smoky Mountains

But you know Fuddruckers has other sandwich options if you aren't in the mood for the world's greatest hamburger. You can order chicken tenders, salads, hot dogs, chicken sandwich, veggie burgers or even one of their exotic sandwiches like elk and bison, when available. So gather your gang, take them to Fuddruckers, and treat them to some of the world's greatest lunch and dinner food this side of the Smoky Mountains.

And while you are in the Smokies be sure and take advantage of the many things to see and do - endless attractions, varied shopping, great live music and many dining options. You can get coupons and check out your options at the Best Read Guide website at http://bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Outdoor Attraction Zoo Knoxville

Baby lowland gorillas in the SmokiesZoo Knoxville is one of the top zoological experiences in the Southeast and they are committed to sharing 'wildly fun' experiences with all of their guests. So let's explore all of the fun, educational and inspiring things there are to do at the zoo.

The big news is the arrival of baby Western Lowlands Gorillas in the  Gorilla Valley Courtyard. Babies Obi and Ubuntu have welcomed the newest addition - yet to be named - born September 10th to Kowali and Bantu. The babies are curious and active and like human children, are watched closely by their mother. But the gorillas are only one of the 32 species of animals that can be seen at the zoo including lions, tigers and bears - oh my! - and dragons, rhinos, penguins, storks, meerkats, wolfs and gazelles!

Tigers and lions near Pigeon ForgePenguins, meerkats and more near Gatlinburg
Bird Show, Zoo Camp in the SmokiesZoo Knoxville also offers a broad range of experiences to immerse you in the culture or lifestyle of the animals. There are behind-the-scenes tours, camel rides, The Bird Show, a Giraffe Encounter and Zoo Camp. The Zoo works with other zoos and aquariums on a collective species survival plan to ensure that the world doesn't lose animals to extinction when threatened. Twenty-five cents of every zoo ticket sold goes to on-going conservation programs around the world.They also work locally to save east Tennessee's endangered bog turtle's, plus on-going research with native hellbender and mudpuppy salamanders.

Zoo Knoxville is a happening place. From the wide range of animals from around the world, endangered species, hands-on activities and conservation efforts, the Zoo is a wildly fun place to visit. For more information about Zoo Knoxville and other Smoky Mountain attractions, visit the Best Read Guide website at http://www.bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Flyaway Indoor Skydiving
Attraction in Pigeon Forge, TN     Once you see the positively joyful expressions on people who are doing Indoor Skydiving, you realize how much fun it is to leave gravity behind and take to the air. This is what happens daily at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving on the Parkway in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. And you can experience the joy of flight in America's first vertical wind tunnel.

Personalized instructionThe experience at Flyaway is a very personalized one as you are individually coached and instructed on how to use your body to provide the lift to take to the air and 'fly' in the wind tunnel. There is no experience needed, the instructors at Flyaway will teach you all you need to know to body fly indoors. In a 20 minute training class you are taught body control techniques and safety procedures. After that, you are suited-up with a flying suit, helmet and goggles. Then there is a review of the basics and you head to the tunnel to take flight!

Fun for all ages in the SmokiesClasses are conducted on the hour and half-hour during business hours and registration is on a first come, first served basis. You should be in good physical condition with no previous shoulder or back problems, and minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old. There are height and weight restrictions and children must weigh at least 40 pounds.

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is a safe and fun attraction to try when you are in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. There are great photo opportunities and many opportunities to brag about your ability to fly. Talk about a memory that will last a lifetime, this is it! To learn more, see a video and get coupons for Flyaway and other area attractions, live shows, dining and shopping,  go to: http://www.smokymountainsbrochures.com/Attractions/Pigeon%20Forge/TN/Flyaway%20Indoor%20Skydiving/18965.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


WonderWorks Wonders of Magic Pigeon Forge

Terry Evanswood magician in the SmokiesWonderWorks is a wondrous place and in addition to the mind-blowing activities and displays you can see the Wonders of Magic Show starring Terry Evanswood. Terry is the longest running headliner in Pigeon Forge performing his magic and illusions for 20 years and you can see his show, the Wonders of Magic, at WonderWorks.

Theater for magic near GatlinburgMagic is in the mountains and the history of magic runs through the career of Terry Evanswood. Terry's inspiration as a boy was the famous Harry Blackstone, Jr.. He received a doctorate of magic from the Chavez College of Magic and he was endorsed into the Society of American Magicians by both David Copperfield and Harry Blackstone, Jr. Terry is also the recipient of the Merlin Award from the International Magician's Society, and was also selected for "continuous lifetime achievement" from the Society. Past recipients of this honor include Harry Blackstone, Jr., David Copperfield, Siegfried and Roy and Doug Henning.

Family show magic, music comedy
Terry's magic show is ideal for families, groups or couples of any age as Terry mixes grand scale illusions, magic, comedy, impersonations, classic sleight of hand, music, dancing and Houdini style escapes in his show - there is something for everyone! Terry also reminds his audience that the real "wonders" of the magical world that we share are hope and love. Combo tickets are available at WonderWorks so you can combine a day of play and learning with an afternoon of fun and amazement - that's the wonder of WonderWorks and the Wonders of Magic!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Wyile Cider in Sevierville

Gorilla Climbing Wall near GatlinburgYou know Foxfire Mountain Adventure as the place to go in the Smokies for great outdoor adventure thrills like Ziplining, the Swinging Bridge to Prosperity, the Gorilla Climbing Wall, the Head-Rush Plunge, Tree-Climber Aerial Ropes Course and the Little Adventurer Obstacle Course for kids under 7 years old . And the Whispering Winds Canopy Bridges, the Wild and Woolly Watusi Farm and and the Bear Crawler ATV Tours. Whew! That's lot to do!

Appalachian creatures WyilesNow you will be able to sample and buy several kinds of cider made at Foxfire Mountain, with the help of those Appalachian Mountains, cider-making Wyiles. Wyile's are mythological creatures that came over from Scotland and Ireland when those settlers moved to America, and they settled in the Appalachian Mountains. They stand a little over 3 feet tall, live in the wilderness and build their homes in trees. They are fun-loving tricksters who can speak with the animals and are cider makers. Legend has it that they even helped Johnny Appleseed spread the joy of apples throughout America.

Matt Postlewaite Cider MasterMatt Postlewaite studied cider making through Cornell University and apprenticed at Foggy Ridge Cider in Virginia. He is now the Cider Master at Foxfire Mountain and he describes cider-making as a fermentation process. Apples are naturally sweet and only yeast needs to be added to eat the sugar and produce alcohol. Apples are washed, ground and put into an Apple Press and the juice goes into a tank. Yeast is added and they experiment with different yeasts for different tastes. Once the sugar has been converted to alcohol the batch is 'Cold Crashed' down to 31 degrees and any particles fall to the bottom. The liquid is drawn off and put into huge plastic bags that are inside a Bagging Box. The cider is aged, then the Blending process begins.

Blending is the art form of the process where different batches are tasted and recipes created. Concentrates like Blueberry and Apple Juice concentrate may be added to create different flavors, and carbonated bubbles can be added to create yet another style of cider. The product is then bottled, capped and pasteurized and once the bottles are dried, the labels are applied.

Foxfire Mountain's Prosperity Mountain in the SmokiesFoxfire Mountain pays homage to Appalachia by naming their ciders after the Wyile's of Foxfire Mountain, and you can take home bottles and jugs of the Wyile Ciders and interesting souvenirs not only from your Foxfire Mountain Adventure, but from your Cider Experience. Both will be memorable because the good folks at Foxfire Mountain will show you a good time and take good care of you when you are there. The Wyiles know this, that's why there live at Foxfire Mountain


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Jayell Ranch, Pigeon Forge next to Dollywood

Come on out to Jayell Ranch in Pigeon Forge next to Dollywood, and relax on the porch while you de-stress from a day of running around int he Smokies. while you are chilling out you can decide on the activity to pursue, horseback riding, ATV ride, Off-road Go-Karts or Ziplining or all four!
Horseback riding in the Smokies

So step off the porch and head over to the corral. Mount up on one of the safe, friendly horse, then follow your guide out to the trail. You will ride for one-hour on a 4-smile, shady trail through 260 acres of some of the best scenery in the Smokies. Along the ride you will see sites of North Carolina, Shield's Mountain Mt. Leconte and beautiful woodlands. Your guide will point out interesting and historical facts as well as answer any questions you might have.

ATV and UTV rides near Gatlinburg

Pick-up the pace a bit on the Off-road Go-karts or the ATV rides. The ATV ride is guided but they promise a mud-slinging, gear-shifting good time as you climb hills, cross creeks and go through mud holes. This 9-mile, one-mile adventure promises to be awesome!

Come prepared to get muddy and wet because you will be crossing creeks and going through mud holes!

Ziplining - aerial fun for all ages

Then take to the skies and ride the longest ziplines in the Smokies. Six lines and over 2 miles of aerial fun and adventure. Your guide will lead you through the harnessing-up, safety checks and pre-flight instruction, and will take you to the first launch point. There your high-flying adventure begins! You take off from he first platform and soar through the canopy of trees enjoying breathe-taking views of the Smokies. As you come in for a landing at the end of the first line, your heart is racing and you cannot wait to do this again. But at the beginning of the second line you become a little more adventurous as you even jump off of the platform to gain more speed. Soon you are running of off the platform, secure in the knowledge that your harness is keeping you safe so you can concentrate on the ride and the scenery. This is not just a fun and thrilling experience, but a confidence booster as well.

Jayell Ranch is located just off Veterans boulevard on Jayell Road. For more information click this link - http://www.smokymountainsbrochures.com/Outdoor/Sevierville/TN/Jayell%20Ranch/18975 -
or go to the Best Read Guide site for coupons and information for attractions, shopping, restaurants, live shows and more at http://www.bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Scenic Helicopter Tours

     Scenic Helicopter Tours has been giving aerial tours of the Great Smoky Mountains area for over 40 years with safe and FAA and National Park approved tours of the Smokies and the surrounding area. Their tours are designed to accommodate any budget or time frame and you will see amazing views of the Great smoky Mountains, Douglas Lake, area rivers, and the cities of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, depending upon the tour you choose.

See the Smokies from the air
Taking off!
     There is nothing like taking flight in a helicopter. The oneness that you feel with your surrounding is amazing and the birds-eye view that you have of the sky ahead and the land below is simply indescribable. Scenic's goal for each tour is to raise your awareness of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park by proving an entertaining and educational aerial adventure that will leave you with a greater connection to the beautiful area that we call home.
Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville
The Great Smoky Mountains

     You can choose from over 12 different tours in which you will experience the vastness and sheer beauty of the Smoky Mountain region. Your magical Scenic Helicopter Tour over the Smoky Mountains will take you in comfort over mountains and valleys to see areas where few men have set foot. You will get a true understanding of the awesomeness and grandeur of the Great Smoky Mountains. Reservations are not required but are recommended, and you can ask to design or customize your own trip.

     Find out more about Scenic Helicopters and other attractions, restaurants, theaters, accommodations and shopping at http://www.bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/, the Best Read Guide website.