Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Country Tonite is one of the longest-running and one of the "must see" shows in the Smokies. The theater sits like a grand palace on top of Showplace Boulevard off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge. Country Tonite has been entertaining Smoky Mountain visitors for years and continues to be a show that visitors talk about and come back to year after year. Why? There are lots of reasons.

First is the music. The talented singers and musicians perform the greatest contemporary country and the best classic country with style, honesty and perfection. And the Country Tonite dancers add just the right amount of additional entertainment value plus a heaping helping of energy and fun and great costumes! Every year the show is updated with new songs, new routines and different country classics so there is always something new to see and hear.

The second reason that keeps visitors coming back is the cast. The show is orchestrated by Kevin Wilson, a talented singer and an energetic emcee that keeps the show rolling from the first note to the last. He also plays a great straight-man to Bubba the Redneck Ranger and Bubba's sister Bubbina, played with absolute hilarity by Chad Mullinax. The audience loves all of the comedy that Chad and his characters present nightly.

If you want to see the up-and-coming stars of country you can always see two of them at Country Tonite. Every year a young man and young lady - sometimes as young as 11 years old! - are featured in the cast as singers and dancers and even sometimes as musicians. Currently Willow Osborne and Colin Chandler are the "future stars of tomorrow".

The featured female performers include Melinda Hyder, Tryphena Denton and Valerie Miller who all perform glorious singles, join in gorgeous duets, and combine their talents with the male singers for beautiful and powerful harmonies. The Country Tonite show provides great entertainment that is enjoyed by people who enjoy country and even those who didn't know or listen to much country music. The diversity an professionalism is another reason to go to Country Tonite because every member of your family will enjoy the show. Young or old, country music fan or not; this show engages and entertains you from the opening curtain to the final song.

And during the holidays come to see the Smoky Mountain Christmas Show. Half of the show is all Christmas with holiday sets, country Christmas tunes and a visit from Santa! And, if you are here over the holidays why not spend New Year's Eve with the Country Tonite crew and enjoy a rousing welcome to the new year!

 Oh but there's more! Every performer - including the band - goes to the lobby after the show to "shake and howdy" with you, their audience. They sign autographs, pictures, merchandise, their CD's and you can even get your picture taken with your favorite singer, dancer or musician.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Take your family into a magical world where together you and your magic wands discover new worlds, search for clues and open treasure chests, and do all of this at your own speed. You will meet wizards and dragons and search for "Ancient Wisdom" to help you along your way. (This is where your parents or grandparents can really help.) And it all happens in a dragon-wrapped castle in the heart of Pigeon Forge.

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There's more to do at MagiQuest in Pigeon Forge after you unlock the secrets of the Magi.

You can play Pirate Golf, but as the old tar says, " aye matey beware the ball-eating skull!"


Or challenge The Vault-Laser Experience and see if you
can get your 'Mission Impossible' skills safely and
quickly through the chamber.

Choose one game or choose them all. You can check out
all of the options at http://www.magiquestpf.com/home.html.

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Friday, September 12, 2014


Pigeon Forge Rod Run

Car enthusiasts are driving to Pigeon Forge on September 12-13, 2014 for the Pigeon Forge Rod Run, and annual event that showcases thousands of gorgeous muscle cars and hot rods that have been lovingly maintained or restored by car lovers or gear heads.

There is live music, a huge swap shop, with lots of cars and car parts for sale or trade, a $10,000 cash give-a-way, the Top 25 Awards, The Ultimate 5 Awards, and the ultimate eye candy, Courtney Hansen, host of the series Powernation. Get a free autographed picture with Courtney and look over her "Hansen's Hot Rods", 12 hand-picked beauties that Courtney will feature at the show.

Courtney Hansen

The event happens at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge and you can get more information at http://www.rodrun-pigeonforge.com/. Get info on area coupons, places to eat, shop, attractions, theaters and more at http://bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.


The Great Smoky Mountains provide a marvelous background to the incredible music of the National Quartet Convention that arrives at their new home at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge on September 21-27, 2014. This multi-year deal is Southern Gospel Music's largest annual event and the new LeConte Center is well equipped to showcase the artists on stage and to house the exhibitors. There is plenty of paved parking, quality hotel rooms for all visitors - including RV parks - and a well-run Trolley system to move NQC guests throughout the cities of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville,

Tickets are normally sold out but The Resort at Governor's Crossing had tickets for sale for guests booking condos with them during the convention. Click here for more Resort information and a link to their site:  http://smokymountainslodgingguide.com/condos/Sevierville/20101.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Attraction in Pigoen Forge
Man's early attempt to fly
Pictures of man attempting to fly have been found on cave walls dating back 4,300 years. The story of Icarus and his attempt to reach the sun with man-made wings is famous in Greek mythology. But today, near the Great Smoky Mountains, you can do what ancient man could not by learning to fly at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving n Pigeon Forge, TN.

Flyaway indoor attraction in the Smokies

Think about it...being free from the earth's gravity and floating in air like the hawk or the majestic eagle and actually balancing and turning in the air with no support except the air beneath you and your arms and legs as 'wings'. The idea makes me giddly with anticipation, and a bit nervous, but very eager to suit-up and try my wings.

Safety first at Flyaway attraction
Suiting up for the ride!
Flight coach, helmet and gear to go indoor skydiving
Personalized Flight Coach
The experienced  personnel at Flyaway will make sure that you have e a safe and enjoyable ride. Your training consists of a video explaining the procedure, a few hand signals from your guide, and a flight suit and helmet. Your personalized flight coach is there to give you tips and encouragement. When it is your turn you step into a column of air in America's first vertical wind tunnel and leave gravity behind. You are flying baby!!

The more you fly the more comfortable and skilled you become in the air and you will find yourself trying dives, rolls and flips while you are in the air. This is a rush that has to be experienced!

Tennessee's first vertical flight tunnel attraction
With experience come new moves
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