Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Outdoor Attraction Zoo Knoxville

Baby lowland gorillas in the SmokiesZoo Knoxville is one of the top zoological experiences in the Southeast and they are committed to sharing 'wildly fun' experiences with all of their guests. So let's explore all of the fun, educational and inspiring things there are to do at the zoo.

The big news is the arrival of baby Western Lowlands Gorillas in the  Gorilla Valley Courtyard. Babies Obi and Ubuntu have welcomed the newest addition - yet to be named - born September 10th to Kowali and Bantu. The babies are curious and active and like human children, are watched closely by their mother. But the gorillas are only one of the 32 species of animals that can be seen at the zoo including lions, tigers and bears - oh my! - and dragons, rhinos, penguins, storks, meerkats, wolfs and gazelles!

Tigers and lions near Pigeon ForgePenguins, meerkats and more near Gatlinburg
Bird Show, Zoo Camp in the SmokiesZoo Knoxville also offers a broad range of experiences to immerse you in the culture or lifestyle of the animals. There are behind-the-scenes tours, camel rides, The Bird Show, a Giraffe Encounter and Zoo Camp. The Zoo works with other zoos and aquariums on a collective species survival plan to ensure that the world doesn't lose animals to extinction when threatened. Twenty-five cents of every zoo ticket sold goes to on-going conservation programs around the world.They also work locally to save east Tennessee's endangered bog turtle's, plus on-going research with native hellbender and mudpuppy salamanders.

Zoo Knoxville is a happening place. From the wide range of animals from around the world, endangered species, hands-on activities and conservation efforts, the Zoo is a wildly fun place to visit. For more information about Zoo Knoxville and other Smoky Mountain attractions, visit the Best Read Guide website at http://www.bestreadguidesmokymountains.com/.