Thursday, June 22, 2017


Outdoor attraction GatlinburgRowdy Bear attraction Smoky Mountains

Rowdy Bear Mountain offers The Mountain Glider and Gravity Coaster thrill rides.

The Gravity Coaster propels you down Rowdy Bear Mountain along a steel track.
Ride single or double and control your speed or go all out down the mountain!
At night the track is lit for an entirely different and unique experience.
Visit the Gift Shop for memorable souvenirs.

Gravity Coaster attraction in Gatlinburg

This fall the Mountain Glider  will take you soaring through the treetops.
The ride is the first of its kind in the world!
Easy to find on the Parkway in Gatlinburg.
Year round fun for the entire family.
Right in the heart of Gatlinburg!
Coming the Fall of 2017.

Mountain glider first in the world

Make Rowdy Bear Mountain another 'must do' stop in the Smoky Mountains.
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster Attraction

Alpine Coaster Outdoor Attraction Pigeon Forge
Coaster attraction Smoky MountainsThe Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster promises you that if you ride the hill you fill feel the thrill. The thrill of speeding down a Smoky Mountain hillside on a sled that glides along on silver rails. You control the speed but part of the fun is going wide open knowing that you are safely attached to the rails. There are loops and dips and drops along the mile long track giving you plenty of thrill all along the ride.

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is located in Pigeon Forge on Wears Valley Road about a mile-and-a-half from Stoplight #3 on the Parkway. It is easy to get to and there is plenty of free parking. Their ticket office has snacks and great souvenirs in their gift shop, and there are observation areas for those who aren't riding to watch you coming down the hill.

Outdoor attractions Pigeon Forge

You can ride by yourself or in tandem with a spouse, girl or boy friend, family member or friend. However you go you will enjoy the ride. Many rides like the experience so much that they get back in line to ride again! And if you ride during the day you will want to come back at night to ride. A nighttime ride is a completely different experience!

So come to Pigeon Forge and ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster, one of many fun things to do in the Smokies. Find out more about the Tennessee Smokies and all the things to do, places to eat and shop at

Monday, June 5, 2017


Smith Creek Moonshine Pigeon Forge

The distillers of Smith Creek Moonshine offer 13 unique moonshine flavors with a power-packed punch in every sip, and they invite you to come by and shine with them. shining means to come visit, sit a spell and sip a few then decide for yourself what delicious flavors you will take home to enjoy.

Tanger Outlet Smokies Moonshine
Tell you more? Well okay. Let's start with the basics, Moonshine Straight. Clean, authentic shine. Then you can taste the fresh
fruity flavor of Peach, Apple Pie, Lemon Lime or Strawberry Shortcake. There's nothing like shining healthy-like.
Flavored shine near Gatlinburg
For those who want a more traditional taste, try Coffee Shine, Sweet Tea or Salted Caramel. For a little more kick throw back some Cinnamon Shine or Ginger Snap Shine. And, for those who enjoy a creamier taste you can enjoy Orange Cream, Butter Cake and Chocolate Silk.

Attraction in Pigeon Forge

The Smith Creek Moonshine location in the Smokies is in the Tanger Outlet. There you can not only step up to the bar and taste the shine, but you can browse through the retail store and shop for moonshine apparel, jams and seasonings like sauces and dry rubs. Also go onto their website and try some of the recipes they have concocted for you to enjoy shine in a variety of shots.

Smith Creek Moonshine is one of the many distillers you can find in the Spirits Trail of the Smokies, a guide available at Welcome Centers and in racks throughout the Smokies. There is also an ad and coupon in the Best Read Guide visitor magazine. There is also info on the BRG App which you can download for Deals and Coupons. So get in the 'spirit' and come on down to the Great Smoky Mountains for fun, relaxation and good shine from Smith Creek Moonshine.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Country Tonite Theater Pigeon Forge TN

Country music in the Smokies
Pickin' & Grinnin'
Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge is roaring into its 20th year with an all-new show and a talented line-up of veteran and youth performers, comedy and outstanding live music. There are new production numbers, new lighting and all new costumes all highlighting some of the best country music in the Smokies.

Clean comedy near Gatlinburg
Bubbina and Kevin
Country Tonite is a show for the entire family. There is music that young people love and love to sing along to. There is good, clean comedy with Bubba the Rednecked Ranger, and there are youth performers with whom they can relate - at least age wise. The Country Tonite youth performers are some of the most talented young performers east of the Mississippi, and they sing, play and dance nightly in the show. You might even see them cutting up with Bubba, Bubbina or any of the other zany characters that appear on stage.

Theater in Pigeon Forge
Talented dancers

Country Tonite IS country music at its finest, both old country and new country, but is it also Gospel, Patriotic Music with a Salute to America's Veterans. From beginning to end it is a rousing good time that is enjoyed by young and old. The songs are sung beautifully by every cast member, the band is smokin' hot and doesn't miss a lick, the dancers are full of energy, enthusiasm and style, and the stage shines with great lighting, special effects and beautiful props and scenery.

Salute to Veterans in the Smokies
Patriotic salute
There is also a great Christmas Show at Country Tonight, a New Year's Eve Celebration, and the Celebrity Concert Series. This special showing brings to the Country Tonite stage some of the world's greatest country entertainers for a one or two night special appearance. In 2017 you can see The Oak Ridge Boys, Neal McCoy, Tracy Lawrence, Mickey Gilley & Johnnie Lee and The Bellamy Brothers.

Do yourself a favor a make a date with Country Tonite on your next visit to the Smokies. You can find out more information and get coupons for savings to live shows, attractions, restaurants, shopping and more at Get more deals by downloading the BRG APP and enjoy your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Smoky Mountain Outdoors Gtalinburg

Smoky Mountain Outdoors promises you the journey of a lifetime on the beautiful Pigeon River in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Smoky Mountain Outdoors (SMO) is one of the premier rafting companies in the Smokies with over 23 years of experience and they love taking people down the river and giving them an unforgettable experience. They offer three different trips, an upper Pigeon, Lower Pigeon and Upper Pigeon Extreme. Let me tell you about each one.

Whitewater Rafting in the Smokies

The Lower Pigeon River Rafting trip is a great family trip or an ideal trip for those who want a relaxing and fun ride down the river. You travel down the river at a little slower speed as there are fewer rapids that will give you a gentle thrill but they are safe enough for young children. In fact, kids love the Lower Pigeon trip because there is time to play, to splash and to enjoy the ride. Kids need to be at least 3 years old an accompanied by an adult.

Attractions near Pigeon Forege

The Upper Pigeon River Raft trip is an exciting 6.5 mile thrill ride down Class III and IV rapids. Hold on to your paddle as your guide navigates the river and the rapids while you supply the power when needed. You will run about 70 rapids during this trip and will experience plenty of big waves and lots of splashing water. Of course you are wearing life jackets and helmets and you are in the secure hands of an experienced guide.

Outdoor attractions in the Smokies
Class 3 & 4 rapids Gatlinburg
The Upper Pigeon Extreme trip is for thrill seekers. You travel in a smaller, 4-person raft that your guide will direct right into the heart of the waves. You will shoot the mightiest part of the rapids and hydraulics as your guide pushes the limits and heads for the go-for-it-lines for a fast, exciting and extreme ride down the Pigeon River.

Smoky Mountain Outdoors prepares you and your family or group for each adventure that you choose. You will be safe and well-prepared for the trip but nothing will prepare you for the beauty, the enjoyment and the thrill of riding down the Pigeon River in a whitewater raft. This is something you must experience for yourself.

And there is so much more to experience in the Smokies, so come on down! You can find out about the live shows, attractions, restaurants, shopping, coupons and accommodations at And you can get more deals and info by downloading the BRG App.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Krispy Kreme Pigeon Forge
     Sweet and sugary, melt-in-your-mouth goodness - that describes  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and you can get them at their new location in Pigeon Forge. You can din in-store and enjoy your doughnuts and the famous Krispy Kreme coffee, or go through the drive-through and take home a dozen or more.

Doughnuts in the Smokies     There are 39 types of doughnuts available to you on a regular basis, and at least 9 specialty doughnuts. The regular menu includes the original glazed, maple glazed, glazed sour creme and glazed cinnamon. Chocolate covered goodies include Chocolate Iced Glazed, Kreme filling, Custard filling, Iced Cake, Glazed Cruller, Raspberry filled, Double Dark and Mint Chocolate made with Ghiradelli. Of course there are powdered doughnuts filled with strawberry, lemon, strawberry kreme, blueberry and Bavarian Kreme, and doughnuts covered with sprinkles!

Coffee Mocha Lattes near Gatlinburg     There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee with your Krispy Kreme doughnut, and you can choose from over 30 types of coffee, lattes, mochas, iced and frozen delights. If soft drinks are your choice there are many options including Hi-C products and hot chocolate.

Hot Now doughnuts Great Smoky Mountains     And don't forget about the "Hot Now" sign. When the "Hot Now" sign is lit you can increase your taste-bud tickling with hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Is there anything better?

     Yes, you can make a special trip to the Smokies just for Krispy Kreme, but if you want to do anything else you can get attraction, live theater, dining, shopping, outdoor activity information and coupons from You can get additional deals - like the Krispy Kreme offer - when you download the BRG App. Enjoy your trip to Pigeon Forge and Krispy Kreme!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Attractions Moonshine

Moonshine Gatlinburg TN
"Simple is best", Doc Collier used to say, that's why his recipe for Tennessee Moonshine was only corn, sugar and mountain spring water. And you can taste that shine at Doc Collier Moonshine on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. But that pure, clear, "straight off the still" moonshine is just one of the many regular and seasonal flavors available at the mercantile store.

Shopping Shine Brandy Mercantile Another basic and simple distilled product is Corn Liquor also known as White Lightning. This is corn, water and yeast and is a true American Spirit. Doc's serves-up a barrel full of flavored shines including cherry, blackberry, peach and apple, but they have also cooked-up several specialty flavors. Mountain Blossom is a blend of cherries and apples, Smoky Mountain Sunrise combines pineapple, orange and cranberries and Firecracker is a cinnamon moonshine. You can also try limited editions of brandy's using wine from the Rocky Top Wine Trail and seasonal flavors including Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie and Buckeye. Buckeye has a milk chocolate start and a peanut butter finish.

Brandy Flavored moonshine
You will want to wander through the Mercantile store to shop the unusual products Doc Collier's has to offer. There you will find a great selection of unique products to take home as souvenirs or give as gifts to those who couldn't come to the Smoky Mountains with you.

For more things to see, do, eat, buy, ride, explore and experience in the Great Smoky Mountains, go to where you can get coupons, maps and more. Also, download the BRG App for deals and info on your phone!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Outdoor attractions family fun

     Take a drive down the Parkway in Pigeon Forge to stoplight #10 and take a right into valley making your way to Little Cove Road. Along the way you drive through the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains region. This pastoral scene puts you in the right state of mind for an exciting afternoon at Big Rock Dude Ranch at Ponderosa. There you will enjoy some of the best horse riding conditions in the Smokies, as well as ATV rides, Gem Mining, Fishing, Petting Zoo, Picnic area, Museum and General Store. Plenty of activities for an exciting day in the Smokies or just a relaxing afternoon picnicking with the family and drowning worms in the pond.

Fishing Museum General Store in Pigeon ForgeHorseback riding in the SmokiesThe horseback trail is 3.5 miles long and takes about an hour and a half. You will ride horses that are well-groomed, sure footed, even tempered and well taken care of, so they will take care of you on the trail. The stable flooring is concrete and is kept exceptionally clean which is not only good for the horses, but good for the rider, especially if they aren't wearing their boots. Their loading ramp is safe and easy making mounting your gentle horse a very comfortable experience. On the trail your guide will inform and entertain you and you will return to the stable smarter, relaxed and feeling like a real accomplished horse rider.

ATV rides Smoky MountainsThe ATV experience is also a great experience but know that you will ride through some creeks and mud holes and there may be some flying dirt, which for most of us just improves the experience. The one-hour ride will take you to the top of the ridge where you will experience some amazing views of our gorgeous Smoky Mountains.

Big Rock General Store and Museum near Gatlinburg

Fishing, Gem Mining, the Petting Zoo, Museum, General Store and Playground all provide you and your group with plenty to do for kids of all ages. The staff at Big Rock Dude Ranch is there to ensure that you have a wonderful time enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer in her beautiful Smoky Mountains. Get more information about Big Rock and the other attractions, restaurants, live shows, accommodations and restaurants in the Smokies at Also download the BRG App for additional deals and information.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Tennessee Homemade Wines Gatlinburg TN

It's not very often that you get to experience a product that is made locally with locally grown fruits whose flavor competes with the big distilleries. But that is the case with Tennessee Homemade Wines that are made and served by local folks right in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Southern Red wine made in the SmokiesSouthern White wine Pigeon Forge TNThe selection is broad and ranges from delicate whites to robust reds with 10 choices of product. Southern Red and Southern White are two flavorful staples of the Tennessee Homemade wines collection. Add the distinctive southern flavor of  white and red Muscadine grapes, strawberries, apples, blackberries and blueberries, and you get Tennessee wines called Strawberry Stomp, White Knuckle Grape, Great Niagara and Blueberry Bammer to name a few.

 You can enjoy Tennessee Homemade Wines anytime just by joining the Wine Club. Sign up for the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package and you will get shipments 4 times a year. You will get an email three weeks prior to shipping indicating the wine selection, and you will be given the choice to go with the offer or make changes. Being a Club member gives you access to new wine selections and free shipping on orders of 4 bottles or more.

Shopping Wine Club Gatlinburg TN

Next time you are in the Smokies, visit Tennessee Homemade Wines in Gatlinburg and sample their selection to see how many bottles you will take home with you. Then, reorder through the Club. Plan your trip with the information on shopping, attractions, live shows, outdoor activities and restaurants that you will find at While you are there be sure and print out money saving coupons and download the BRG App for more deals and information.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


TopJump trampoline park

     Top Jump is a Trampoline Park and Climbing Experience located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. On the Trampoline side there are tramps for open jump, an air bag, Slam Ball, DodgeBall, the Gladiator Pit, a Ninja Course and the Kids Zone. The Kids Zone has kid-friendly trampolines, a foam pit and a giant ball pit. At the Trampoline Park you can jump, flip, twist, fly, compete, throw and challenge yourself in the Pit or on the Ninja Course.

Kids love to climb in Pigeon ForgeClip 'N Climb climbing theme park in the Smokies     Clip 'N climb is one of the world's most unique climbing challenges, more like a climbing wall meets theme park! There are 21 climbing lines and on each obstacle you can focus on form or compete for the best time. The obstacles are varied - ascending columns, stacked balls, climbing walls of different forms and hand and footholds and stacked beams to climb over and around.

Arcade fun near Gatlinburg     Take a break from the physical activity and challenge the Arcade where you keep track of your winnings with an advanced card system so no more hassle keeping up with tickets or tokens. Games include SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, Big Brass Wheel, Wizard of Oz and Jurassic Park Arcade SD. Challenge yourself and challenge your friends!

Fantastic candy store at TopJump     Jumping, flipping, climbing and gaming burns up a lot of energy so take a break at Sugar Rush, the candy store filled with wall-to-wall candies, plus giant jawbreakers, cereal boxed size of Nerds and humongous suckers that could take a week to eat. If you have a sweet tooth or just need an energy blast, visit Sugar Rush.

     Top Jump has a party room for celebrations of all kinds, and group discounts are available. Call ahead to make sure you can schedule the activity you want when you want to do it. Plan to spend the day at Top Jump in Pigeon Forge for a high-flying, adrenaline-filled day of fun and exercise. And for more things to do in the Great Smoky Mountains you can check out the live shows, shopping, other attractions, restaurants and outdoor activities at And don't forget to download the BRG APP for special deals, maps and more information to help you enjoy your vacation in the Smokies!

Thursday, March 9, 2017



     Gatlinburg, Tennessee is one of America's favorite destination areas. For decades families and groups have been coming to Gatlinburg to enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains, strolling down the Parkway, visiting the attractions, shopping in the unique stores and dining in the many restaurant options the city has to offer.

     Today the city is spruced up and has been welcoming visitors - as usual - since the new year. None of the Gatlinburg downtown was affected by last November's wildfires, and only a very small percentage of the National Park was affected, so if you've made plans to visit, come ahead! If you have not then you better call or get online and book now so you and yours can enjoy all of the wonderful memory-making moments that families and groups have enjoyed for decades. Pigeon Forge and Sevierville were not affected at all so the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee are ready to welcome you back, or to roll out the welcome mat for first-time

     Spring has come early to the Great Smoky Mountains but there is still a crisp coolness to the mountain air. Breathing the fresh mountain air is one of the great benefits of vacationing here, and the spring season is a great time to breath in all of the freshness of the Smokies. This is the "Land of the Blue Smoke" - a name given to the Smokies by the Cherokee Indians years ago - and seeing the blue mist envelope the mountains sets a brilliant background to the greens, yellows, oranges and reds of the fauna coming back to life after a winter's nap.

     From April 11-15 the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers professionally guided tours and classes that explore the beauty and diversity of America's most visited park. This year several walks will look at the effects of a wildfire on a natural environment and there will be a program on "Fire Ecology of the Great
                                                                                   Smoky Mountains National Park". This is a once
                                                                                   in a lifetime educational experience.

     For more information on the area go to or download the BRG APP for Deals, Coupons, Map, Directions, Points of Interest and more.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Smokies Strong bluegrass celebration Pigeon Forge, TN

     Some of the country's top Bluegrass Artists will perform in a two-night celebration in Pigeon Forge, TN, on February 10th and 11th at the LeConte Center. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, the Grascals, Flatt Lonesome and Volume 5 will take the stage on Friday, February 10th, and The Lonesome River Band, Barry Bales & Friends, Newtown, Dave Adkins Band and Jimbo Whaley & Greenbriar will perform on Saturday, February 11th. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Dollywood Foundation Wildfire Scholarship Fund.

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Smokies Strong Celebration
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
     Doyle Lawson, who lives in Bristol, TN, said, "As an East Tennessee native, I've been especially moved by the mountain tough spirit of my neighbors in the aftermath of this event". Lawson and Quicksilver are seven-time International Bluegrass Music Association's (IBMA) Group of the Year Award winner, they have four Grammy Award nominations for best bluegrass album and they are a member of the IBMA Hall of Fame.

     Leon Downey, executive director of the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism commented that "For these stellar artists to step up and donate their time and talents to support Sevier County families is beyond belief". The donated monies will help ensure Sevier County students receive scholarship funds.

Lonesome River Band bluegrass in the Smokies
Lonesome River Band

     Tickets are available at the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism offices, located at the LeConte Center at 135 Jake Thomas Road, or at

For more information go to  And for Smoky Mountain information for attractions, shopping, theaters, dining, accommodations and more, go to